The Development Of Cable Products In China Is Showing Four Trends

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I. Ecological and environmental protection
Environmental protection products will be the trend of the future. With the EU issued RoHS Directive, eco-friendly wire and cable research and development and large-scale adoption has become an international trend. At present, the application of fire-retardant and fireproof cable has been extended to many fields, such as mine, general rubber sheath cable, elevator cable, and household appliance cables have different degrees of flame-retardant requirements.
The use of halogen-free low smoke crosslinked polyolefin insulated wire and cable has become a local regulation in these areas. With the increase of people's awareness of environmental protection and safety, eco-friendly cable will be the product direction of future industry development.

II. Special
Domestic cable industry shouting to "Occupy high-end market", occupy high-end market basically can be said to occupy the special cable market. Because of the current high threshold of special cable, high profit margins, competition is more moderate, so the high-end market is undoubtedly the domestic cable industry in front of a visible "big fat." As special cable can meet the special circumstances and special occasions need, coupled with the ability to produce special cables need a strong own equipment, the threshold is relatively high, so special cable will become the future market "darling", the ability of the cable enterprises will rise "Zhengchong".

III. High pressure and ultrahigh pressure
Ultra-high voltage cable as a special type of cable, the reason for the introduction of a separate, is because UHV cable in the future market demand, is "a solo show", UHV construction will rise to the height of the national strategy, thus to the cable production industry has brought huge waves, UHV cable will demand exuberant.

IV. Refinement
The so-called product refinement, its raw materials used more refined, using less raw materials can have more powerful performance. such as fiber optic cable with skeleton, it can be laid through pipes, overhead and so on, with small cable diameter, light weight and good resistance to side pressure; The halfway can be at any time under the fiber, construction and installation convenient;