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Wire And Cable Must Be Solved!
Jul 17, 2017

Wire and cable industry is "material heavy industry light" industries, material costs about the cost of products 65%~85%. Therefore, it is one of the important ways to reduce the product cost and improve the competitiveness of the enterprises by selecting the material with the performance-price ratio and ensuring the quality of the materials.

Common material quality issues are as follows:
1, copper rod: With recycled copper manufacturing, surface oxidation discoloration, insufficient rally, such as roundness.
2, PVC plastic: impurities, heat weight loss unqualified, extruded layer of gas hole, hard to plasticizing, color is not.
3, Xlpe insulation material: short time to Scorch, easy to early crosslinking and so on.
4, silane crosslinking material: Poor extrusion temperature control, thermal extension difference, surface roughness and so on.
5, Copper Belt: uneven thickness, oxidation discoloration, insufficient tensile strength, lotus leaf edge, softening insufficient, hard, short head more, consecutive bad, paint film or zinc layer fall off, etc.
6, steel wire: Outside diameter is large, zinc layer falls off, galvanization is insufficient, short head is more, pull not enough wait.
7, PE filling bar: Hard, easy to break, Radian is wrong.
8, Non-woven Fabric: The actual thickness of the goods do not version, the tension is not enough, when the width is uneven.
9, PVC tape: Partial thickness, pull not enough, short head, uneven thickness.
10, Refractory mica tape: Layering, insufficient tensile strength, sticky, with a plate wrinkle and so on.
11, no alkali rock cotton rope: uneven thickness, insufficient rally, joint, easy falling powder and so on.
12, glass Ribbon: Partial thickness, ladder, the preparation of small density, mixed organic fiber, easy to tear and so on.
13, halogen-free coating of flame-retardant belt: Easy to break, with a plate wrinkle, ladder, flame-retardant poor, smoke and so on.
14, heat shrink cap: The size of the specification is not allowed, the material memory is poor, the long burn shrinkage, the intensity is inferior.

Some materials manufacturers one-sided pursuit of reducing costs, or blindly cater to the user's low price requirements, and shoddy, jerry-building, resulting in the material quality of the use of the requirements, wire and cable manufacturers to cause direct economic losses, so the return, wrangling, refused to pay the things often occur, so that both sides are The correct attitude should be, both sides of the supply and demand consensus, to discuss both reducing material costs and not affect product quality, mutual benefit and common development.