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Wire And Cable Industry Problems Many Enterprises Need To Pay Attention To What
Jul 17, 2017

Wire and cable in China's gross domestic product, occupies an important position, after the automobile industry. In the production of wire and cable, China has surpassed the United States to become the world's first. At the same time, China's wire and cable product range, has accounted for about 90% of the domestic market.
With the continuous development of wire and cable industry in China, more and more enterprises have entered into this field, and the technical level has been greatly improved.
With the expansion of telecommunication industry, electric power, rail transit and automobile industry, the demand of wire and cable market is also increasing, and there will be great potential for development in the future.
According to the forward-looking Industry research institute "China Wire and cable Industry Report" Statistics, in recent years, China's wire and cable production has been increasing, is now nearly 60 million-kilometer.
And, in the coming period of time, this kind of high growth trend will continue.
However, with the rapid increase in the production of wire and cable industry This trend is different, the whole industry is still a lot of problems.
The level of development is not high, the quality of the overall low, in the product sampling process of its quality has been at a low rate, resulting in China's wire and cable industry is large and not strong status quo.
In addition, China's wire and cable production in spite of the world's first, but also the overall overcapacity phenomenon is more serious. At the same time, the concentration of the industry is low, although the number of enterprises, but the general operating scale is small, which also affects the enterprise's innovative ability and industry progress, so most products are concentrated in the low-end field.
Wire and cable industry because of lack of access threshold, resulting in some entrepreneurial concept did not keep up, the comparison of psychological strong, blind expansion of production scale, lack of peer-cooperation awareness, did not create a reasonable product structure, resulting in repeated investment, homogeneity of serious phenomena.
In the production process, the entire industry lacks of technical personnel, enterprises are not far too much investment in talent training, but tend to mutual digging, resulting in skills flow too fast, enterprises difficult to form technical precipitation and so on.
Another factor that hinders the development of the wire and cable industry is the problem of the sales link. Sales department soft constraints, weak organizations and other issues, but also become a stumbling block in the development of the industry.