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Will You Buy A Cable Is Expensive Than A Phone?
Jan 10, 2018

   Outdoor open screen ,I believe many of my friends are no longer strangers, squares, shopping malls and other places can be seen everywhere, not only can play audio and video advertising programs, but also in important festivals through the display screen to play the superior leadership and various distinguished guests come to visit, play a heighten the atmosphere effect. However, many people may not know that you want to achieve this long-distance screen delivery, behind the need for such an optical HDMI cable for audio and video transmission.

A fiber optic HDMI cable on the market the shortest 15-meter price of 998 yuan, the longest 100 meters to 2988 yuan, or even more expensive than a midrange phone.


Although this line does not apply to the public users, but for those who need long-distance signal transmission users, such as: outdoor screen, mansion decoration, engineering wiring, medical equipment, movie theater, radio and television transmission. However, still arouse the curiosity of ordinary consumers, why this line is so expensive? What is the advantage of it?

Support long distance lossless transmission

Currently on the market, HDMI 2.0 standard data cable commonly used copper wire core, the current technology, ordinary copper transmission distance is extremely limited, once there will be too long signal attenuation, so the market is generally less than 30 meters HDMI cable. If in the case of long-distance transmission, but also want to achieve ultra-clear video transmission at the same time, the market generally limit the transmission of copper length ≤ 8 meters, after adding signal amplification IC also ≤ 15 meters in length, but our PCER's HDMI cable does not Plus signal amplification IC transmission length is 15 meters, which is 15 meters after the signal will be amplified IC. So, optical fiber HDMI cable is undoubtedly the best choice for ultra-clear transmission. HDMI fiber optic cable It supports 4K @ 60HZ / 4K HDR ultra-high definition image display all lengths, can truly restore the 4K ultra-clear world, the details show vividly.

Low space requirements

Optical fiber HDMI cable is not affected by electromagnetic interference, there is no need to add the internal shield, thus greatly reducing the wire outer cover, so that the cable lighter, thinner, weight and size of more than 70% reduction over traditional copper, very suitable for small spaces Installation and construction use.


No external power supply required

Optical HDMI cable low power consumption, ≤ 250mW, no separate external power supply, it is more convenient to use.

So  will you  choose a more expensive than the phone HDMI cable to do home improvement? why?