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Which Highlight Products Will Be Showed At CES CES?
Jan 18, 2018

                                                                                                       CES c.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Lenovo ARM 10 chip based on the device: Microsoft has announced that Lenovo will soon launch Windows 10 ARM devices, in view of the CES 2018 approaching, it is likely Lenovo will be released, because in the past Lenovo also released at CES Many new products, this ARM device is expected to use two in one design.


Huawei Announces Collaboration with U.S. Operators Mate10 Launches in the United States: Huawei must strive to achieve its ultimate goal of becoming number one in the world and gain a firm foothold in the most important U.S. market. Currently, Huawei's reputation in the United States market is actually not high, but according to recent rumors, Huawei is negotiating with AT & T, both are likely to announce a partnership at the CES.


Lenovo, Huawei launches Daydream VR helmet: VR will still be a trend of CES 2018. It is reported that Lenovo Daydream VR helmet is being built is a stand-alone device, which means that it allows users to enjoy the VR content without connecting the phone


Samsung Galaxy X folding phone? Samsung Galaxy X folding phone has been passed for a few years, Samsung may show at the CES show this product? There is no exact news yet. It is reported that this phone will have two displays, two screens through the hinge can be folded together, after splicing together can be used as a flat panel.