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Problems Should Pay Attention To Embedded HDMI Cable
Jan 10, 2018

    Knowledge Popularization about  HDMI cable  Decoration to Home Theater

A few days ago, a friend told me that his home theater encountered some modest troubles. The  HMDI cable embedded in the decoration was not compatible with the amplifier and the player, it is strange that each of the separate devices was good ,but  while connecting together is cannot  broadcast the picture properly. Finally, he tried his best to solve the problem by upgrading the player and using the HDMI audio-visual splitter and other methods, so he specifically told me to let me tell his experience and remind everyone that the HDMI cable embedded in the decoration must be certain  to make a careful choice, otherwise,it will be really difficult to solve the problem later , and may even destroy your home theater dream.


I thought it carefully, this is indeed a problem, so today I especially want to talk about  when decorating the home theater ,some problems of pre-buried embedded HDMI cable need to be attention. 

The choice of HDM cable must be cautious

We usually use the most HDMI cable are two or three meters, many people do not know, HDMI cable length for the cable is actually very sensitive, and 10 meters is a hurdle. For example, a 2-meter HDMI cable can be used without any problem, but various problems may occur if the same material cable is more than 10 meters in length. Therefore, a more than 10 m HDMI cable for material and quality requirements is much higher than a 2 m HDMI cable.

While the home theater decoration pre-buried HDMI cable will certainly exceed 10 meters, according to my experience, this HDMI cable generally need to select 10 meters to 15 meters, and even some units also need 20 meters long HDMI cable, So this embedded long HDMI cable for the quality requirements are very high, the choice must be cautious.


Short-term cable is not a big deal,but the long-term  must be cautious. Because once buried down, it can not be replaced, serious problems will lead to the  home theater completely paralyzed.

So how, how to choose?

In a word, High specifications, Don't be cheap!

Second, Testing the cable once you bought it.

 The steps of this test are important. After the HDMI cable is purchased, it's time to unpack the package and test the connected device to see if the HDMI cable is working properly. If you can not work, quickly replace.

Third, Embedded into the wall, the connector must pay attention to protection.

HDMI cable connector must be carefully protected, because the decoration of the environment is very poor, and buried in the wall of the HDMI cable  most of the body in the wall (remember to wear a tube embedded), then the chance of injury is very small. However, a small portion of the exposed wire and connector can be easily damaged when fitting. So need to protect the HDMI connector carefully.


HDMI cable interface generally have a small plastic cover, but only this protection in the decoration site is not enough. So need to add multiple layers of protection. My experience is, first of all, put a small plastic bag on the connector, wrap it with tape and make it dustproof. Then put a slightly larger plastic bag both in the connector and the wire body parts which is exposed outside the wall body , and then wrapped with tape. If have conditional  also can wrap some thin foam in a large plastic bag, in order to play anti-stampede function.

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