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Pcer Retail Shop In Jinan City
Oct 12, 2017

Shandong PCER  Electronics is one of PCER office in Jinan, Shandong Province,is mainly responsible for "PCER" series of products in Shandong Province channel distribution and after-sales service in Shangdong provice.

Department One -Guangzhou PCER ,a pedestrian electronics factory (cable molding ) Is a professional production of VGA cable / HDMI digital line / DVI digital line / USB cable / parallel print line / 1394 digital line / KVM three lines / MP3 line / MP4 line / power line / AV audio and video cable / PS2 mouse keyboard line / Network cable jumpers and other computer peripheral cable;

Department two (pumping line) is a professional production of RVV sheath line / RVVP shielded cable / 75-3 75-5 SYV coaxial line / 3 +4 3 +6 five-core coaxial RGB Large-screen line and other engineering security monitoring cable;

Department three is specialized in producing VGA divider / VGA switch / VGA video extender / KVM switch / KVM Extender / PC to TV (VGA signal to AV signal) converter / DVI digital signal splitter / DVI switcher / HDMI splitter / HDMI switch and other products.

Cable Department through the depth of the practice of wire and cable, planning a set of self-made, copper, weaving, winding, into a cable, extrusion to injection molding, testing and other automated and scientific process, making the "PCER" Cable quality is guaranteed, so won the majority of users / systems integration company recognized.

Electronic Division with independent research and development, improve the quality system and effective management system so that "PCER "for  all kinds of electronic products win the majority of users love. Since the establishment of the company has set up offices or franchisees throughout the country, including Liaoning Shenyang, Jilin Changchun, Heilongjiang Harbin, the capital of Beijing, Xinjiang Urumqi, Chengdu, Sichuan, Taiyuan, Shanxi, Nanjing, Yunnan, Kunming, Nanning and other places, our  company is looking for   offices in the provinces which is seeking  partners with us , please contact us.

July 2007, Shandong Office (Jinan) was formally established, the business scope includes all the products of the factory. Another distribution Taiwan Acer is ATEN series of room management equipment, agents Taiwan three Fort original tools, agents TL full range of tools, AMP cable crystal head, An Bao Baoxun / AMP leading cable, Ronier LONER series KVM and other products are welcome to inquire. Now the office to Shandong agents around the city include: Qingdao, Weihai, Yantai, Linyi, Weifang, Tai'an, Texas, Heze, Jining and other places. If you wish to cooperate please contact as soon as possible, once the appropriate company has come to us in your city ,you will miss the chance to coperate with us .

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