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PCER In Canton Fair 2016
Jul 19, 2017


PCER in canton fair 2016

HDMI is the High Definition Multimedia Interface (High Definition Multimedia Interface)
In April 2002, Hitachi, panasonic, philips, Silicon Image, SONY, Thomson, Toshiba seven companies jointly formed the HDMI high-definition Multimedia Interface Interface, and in the same year on December 9, released the 1.0 standard, its biggest characteristic is can transmit video and audio signals at the same time, for a family cinema, consumer electronics products, can greatly reduce the number of cables, convenient and practical.

After decades of development and evolution, HDMI interface has been widely used in flat-screen TVS, projectors, digital cameras, high-definition player, PC, mobile phone, tablet PC, vehicle electronic equipment such as a huge number of areas, has become the indispensable video in consumer electronics.

In the same time ,We have successfully meet the develoment needs for 2.0 standard ,all our 2.0 v hdmi cable can reach for 18Gbps 4k@50/60Hz,32 audio channel ,support for 21:9 Aspect ratio,1536 KHZ audio sampling frequency.

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