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How To Distinguish Between High-voltage And Low-voltage Power Cable
Jul 17, 2017

One: View the section cable the most inner part is to the electric core
Once outward is the insulating layer of the half conductive layer, shielding layer and filling layer. Now the market has a lot of businesses will use low-quality goods to impersonate, if the use of some unqualified products for the cable filling, some future more benefits, but a part to test the market, in order to later can very good speculation, increase the interests of businessmen, expand the source of profit circle.

Second: Check the thickness of insulating layer
General Low-voltage Cable insulation layer thickness is very thin, low pressure is about 1-3 high pressure is probably lower than the thickness of the low, his pressure is higher, that is, his resistance is less than the low-voltage cable, low voltage cable is not easy to heat, so it is not prone to fire phenomenon, for high-voltage cable, this is a big drawback, low-voltage cable is only one layer of protective sleeve.

III: How to distinguish between High-voltage and low-voltage power cable
The High-voltage cable has an insulating layer after removing the outer skin. is wrapped in the cable core outside, white like the main insulating layer of plastic, low-voltage cable is not this an important insulating protective layer, his resistance is very poor, white like the main insulating layer of plastic, low-voltage cable is mainly not this main insulating layer.

Power cables are cables used to transmit and distribute electricity, the power cable is used in the underground power grid of the city, the power supply of the industrial and mining enterprise and the transmission line of the water over the river, the proportion of the electric cable is increasing, the power cable is the cable product of the power system used for transmission and distribution in the main trunk line.

High-voltage cable in the installation of the same need to ground, the purpose is to facilitate the detection of the cable lining of the good or bad, in the detection of cable protection, steel armored and copper shielded cable, if the voltage can withstand is to prove that the inner layer is intact.
His grounding method is the sheath one end of the direct grounding, the other end is protected through the protective layer grounding, the two ends of the sheath grounding this method is less used, just suitable for use in the short and small load of the cable line.