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Four Methods For Evaluating Fire-retardant Performance Of Cable
Jul 17, 2017

1. Standard test method for single cable non-burning
A test cable is suspended in a dedicated burner, the flame temperature at the cable reaches a certain value (exceeding the ignition temperature), a few minutes later, the ignition source is removed, and then the test cable is put out.

2. Material Oxygen Index method
will be a certain number of size test samples into a special container, filled with nitrogen, gradually filled with oxygen, in different oxygen content, in the prescribed way to ignition, so that the test material in the container in a stable combustion oxygen content is called the Oxygen Index.

3. Standard test method for flame-retardant examination of cables through holes
The United States, Sue, Japan, countries on the cable through the hole to make use of blocking material flame-retardant, have developed a standard test method, in a special furnace, according to the standard temperature curve gauge? "Time-temperature" change speed heating effect on the test wire and cable one end of the furnace wall through the cable sealing treatment mode, after 1-3h heating, observation of the outside of the Furnace cable section master does not burn or intact, to determine the sealing material flame resistance characteristics.

4. Standard test method for flame resistance of bunched cables
The basic principle of the standard test method is the same as that of single cable. Domestic wire and cable manufacturers have been modeled after the iec382-2 new Standard and IEEC-383, ICS-366 standard set of testing equipment. The experiment of simulating cable tunnel, cable shaft and cable interlayer is also organized, and reliable test data are obtained.