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Analysis Of Wire And Cable Structure
Jul 17, 2017

At present, we see in the market wire and cable are finished products, we often choose only according to the appearance and logo selection, and do not know the internal composition of cable, then today we will look at the cable is composed of which parts, so that we better understand the wire and cable.

The wire and cable consists of four parts

01 Conductor
A conductor is a conductive part of a wire and cable that is used to transmit electricity and is the main part of a wire and cable.

02 Insulating Layer
Insulating layer is the conductor and the Earth and the different phase of the conductor between the electrical isolation, to ensure that electrical energy transmission, is an integral part of wire and cable structure.

03 Shielding Layer
15KV and above wire and cable generally have a conductor shielding layer and insulation shielding layer.

04 Protective Layer
The protective layer is to protect the wire and cable from external impurities and moisture intrusion, as well as to prevent direct damage to the power cable.

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