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What is the CEC function of HDMI
Jan 04, 2018

 CEC, full name is Consumer Electronics Control, consumer electronic control. CEC functionality offers many conveniences for users, allowing end users to control multiple CEC-enabled HD devices with one remote control, eliminating the need for multiple Remote control to control electronic devices such as TVs, set-top boxes and portable HD devices.

HDMI-CEC function, the function is generally by the CEC signal allows users to control the HDMI interface connected devices. Such as One Touch Play, System Standby. That is if the user will be a video disc

When you insert the Blu-ray player, the TV will turn on automatically due to the notification of CEC signal and the video channel will automatically switch to the channel connected to the player. When the user turns off the TV, the CEC signal will notify the HDMI connected device to enter together

Into the standby. Because of this, it is possible to turn it into a single remote control unit that controls all HDMI connections.

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