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What is flame retardant cable
Jul 17, 2017

Flame-Retardant cables should have the properties of self quenching and burning. To achieve this, usually used without reducing the original electrical, mechanical and physical properties of the cable, in its insulation and sheath material to add high oxygen index (generally greater than 30) of the flame retardant additive, so that the insulation when the combustion of carbonization to form a protective layer, resulting in heat insulation effect to achieve flame-retardant effects.
Flame-Retardant Cable (line) to maintain the flame-retardant effect of the allowable volume of non-metallic materials into a, B, c three grades, of which a-class flame retardant performance is the best. Usually, when the cable model is labeled and the flame retardant grade is not indicated, the products we provide are C-class.
Flame-Retardant Cable (wire) product specifications, structural size, load flow, weight and common type similar products.

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