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We must not overlook the damage caused by cable aging
Jul 17, 2017

Like plastic copper cable and other types of cable in fact, there is a certain number of years of service, once it is more than these years, then there will be a lot of accidents, so the harm is obvious this reminds us of the need to pay attention to cable aging and timely replacement:

1) Cable Aging reasons: external damage. Through the analysis of the operation of recent years, the rapid development of the economy, now a considerable number of cable failures are caused by mechanical damage. For example: the non-standard installation of cable laying construction, easy to cause mechanical damage; The underground cable in civil architecture can be easily damaged in the cable. L Sometimes if the damage is not serious, a few months or even years will lead to the injury site, the formation of complete breakdown failure, sometimes will cause serious damage, may occur short-circuit fault, the direct impact on the power production, "outfitting j and electricity units."

2) reason aging: insulation damp. This situation is very common, generally occurs in underground cable or exhaust pipe joints. For example: production in wet weather conditions unqualified cable connectors make the joints, so that with water or steam, the water tree formed by the electric field very long time R common mixing, destroying the insulation strength of the cable and cause failure.

3) Aging: chemical corrosion. Cable buried directly in the acid and alkali in the field of the role, often due to prolonged exposure to chemical substances or electrical corrosion caused by armored cable, lead sheet or outer sheath, corrosion protection of the protective layer corrosion, thus in the protection of the fault, insulation reduced, will lead to cable failure. Author: The corrosion of cable equipment is quite serious

4) Causes of aging: long-term overload. Overload operation, due to current, load current through the conductor cable thermal effect will inevitably lead to fever, while the eddy current loss and skin effect charge steel armor, dielectric loss at the very sight of an additional heat dissipation, so that the cable temperature. Long-term overload operation, high temperature will accelerate insulation aging, as well as insulation material breakdown. Especially in hot summer, the temperature rise of the cable often leads to weakness, the first cable insulation breakdown, so in the summer, the cable fault is particularly high.

5) Reason for aging: cable connector failure. Cable connectors are the weakest link in the direct negligence of staff (poorly constructed) caused by frequent cable joint failures. Construction workers in the cable connector production process, crimping connectors, if there is not tight, heating is not sufficient, such as the original network will lead to the cable insulation layer to reduce the head, causing accidents.

6) Reason aging: Environment and temperature. Heat in cables and external environments can also lead to high temperature resistant cables, insulation breakdown, ignition or explosion.

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