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Two strokes teach you simple identification cable good or bad
Jul 17, 2017

Every one of us can not be proficient in everything, sometimes we go to buy things and hope to find an expert to go with us, but the circle of life is limited, not necessarily every time to find such a person, sometimes we have to try, also blame this social competition is too big, mixed with a lot of shoddy products, how to let themselves not fooled, such as we buy wire and cable, our welding machine cable company today to bring you 2 very simple and very effective way to distinguish its good or bad.

The first is to look at the external material of wire; standard temperature 80 degrees and 105 degrees of wire outside is generally used semi-rigid PVC sheath (except special line), smooth surface, soft and hard moderate toughness, flexural resistance (90-degree bends should not have cracks after), the outside of the nose smell weak; On the other hand, with two times material or three material made of wire outside, the surface of the gray belt bubble, toughness difference is not flexural (90-degree bending will appear after the white micro-cracks), outside the nasal smell is thicker.

The second kind is to look at the color and texture of the conductor copper wire; standard conductor copper wire generally adopts many strands of bare copper or tin-plated copper wire, the surface luster is bright (bright copper color), the toughness is good not to break, the conductor resistance is small (in 2*0.5 Square millimeter Sheath line for example, the resistance of each kilometer is not greater than 39 ohms), the other hand with copper clad aluminum conductor color gray, easy to break (with the fire machine point of fire is melting), resistance and copper conductor more difficult to distinguish. The conductor color of copper clad steel is gold flashing yellow and toughness is higher (fire ignition is not easy to burn) and conductor resistance is big. Copper clad iron conductor color is gray brass color, toughness is poor, easy to break, conductor resistance is large. Copper coated mud conductor color gray, poor toughness, easy to break (with the ignition point of fire powder drop), conductor resistance instability.

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