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You should know how to buy the best price on the right HDMI cable
Jan 02, 2018

Find the best price on the right HDMI cable for your new HDTV.

Which store has the best deals on HDMI cables? Which HDMI cable is right for your TV?

When it comes to TVs, there are four kinds of HDMI cables:

  • High speed with Ethernet

  • High speed without Ethernet

  • Standard speed with Ethernet

  • Standard speed without Ethernet

Standard speed cables can handle up to 1080i. High speed can handle definition far beyond 1080p. Here's the thing: the price difference is negligible, so only buy high-speed cables.

Many people don't know what's the conditions makes a hdmi cable can achieve the longest signal transmission distance.

 HDMI cable can achieve the longest signal transmission distance depends on the entire system:

Source device performance, display device performance, signal data transfer rate, cable performance and length .

In the digital age, we use data rates to describe the amount of bit data per second. The length of the HDMI cable is tied to the maximum data transfer rate. If there is a problem with a long distance, the signal received by the HDMI device will show no picture, dropped frames, snowflakes, or no sound.

The shorter the HDMI cable, the higher the maximum data transfer rate that can be achieved. For example, a HDMI cable at 2m length data transfer rate of 19Gb / s, to meet the 1080p, 120Hz, 48bit color depth video transmission. However, if the length of 6 meters, the data transfer rate dropped to 10Gb / s, only to meet 1080p, 120Hz, 24bit color depth video transmission.So, after the increase of the length of the cable, the data transmission rate will also be reduced.

But our Zinc Alloy High Speed HDMI2.0 version can guarantee the signal transmission without distortion within 10 meters. There is no loss in picture quality over long distances.


*100% Oxgen-Free Copper

*24 K gold plated plug

*With Ethernet, High Speed HDMI Cable

*Support 4k*2k ,3D, ARC,32 Color Expansion Channels,21:9 aspect ratio,7.1 stereo surround channel

*Full support for 780P, 1080i, 1080P digital signal format

*Compatible:earlier version

*Appliaction:Connects Blu-Ray players ,Xbox 360 ,Computers,PS4,PS3,Fire TV, Apple TV and other HDMI-enabled devices interface.

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