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The harmfulness of cable fire should be paid more attention to
Jul 17, 2017

Because the insulating layer of the power cable is composed of various combustible substances, there is the possibility of an explosion fire, and the cable once the fire, the fire ferocious, spread rapidly, in the burning will occur a lot of harmful gas, resulting in difficult to fight, and after the burn, repair time long, loss serious, so we must pay great attention to prevent cable fire accident, so remind everyone to pay attention to the cause of fire and explosion.

(1) The insulation damage causes the short circuit fault. Protection of power cable The lead skin is damaged during the laying or the insulation of the cable is mechanically damaged during the operation, which causes the insulation between the cable or the lead skin to breakdown, resulting in an arc that burns the insulating material and the outer protective layer of the cable.

(2) long time overload operation of cable. Long overload operation, the operating temperature of the cable insulation material exceeds the maximum allowable temperature of the normal heating, so that the insulation aging and drying of the cable, the phenomenon of aging and drying, usually occurs in the entire cable line. Due to the aging of cable insulation, insulating material loss or reduction of insulation performance and mechanical properties, so prone to breakdown ignition combustion, and even along the length of the cable at the same time a number of burning fire.

(3) The oil-immersed cable is dripping and leaking because of the high difference. When the height difference of the oil-immersed cable is high, the phenomenon of cable oil spill may occur. The flow of the result, so that the top of the cable due to the loss of oil and dry, this part of the cable increased thermal resistance, the paper insulation coking and early breakdown. In addition, because the top of the oil down, in the upper cable head space and create a negative pressure, so that the cable easy to absorb moisture and the end of the damp. The lower part of the cable is caused by the accumulation of oil, resulting in great static pressure, which causes the leakage of the cable head. The damp of cables and the leakage of oil all increase the probability of a failure.

(4) Intermediate junction box insulation breakdown. The middle joint of the cable joint box is not tight, the welding is not secure or the joint material is improperly selected, and the joint is oxidized, heated and flowing in the running. In doing cable intermediate connector, perfusion in the middle of the connector box of the insulation quality does not meet the requirements, perfusion insulation, the box has holes and cable box sealing bad, damage and leakage into the moisture, the above factors can cause insulation breakdown, forming a short-circuit, so that the cable explosion fire.
(5) The cable head burns.

(6) External sources of fire and heat source lead to cable fire. such as oil system fire spread, oil circuit breaker explosion fire spread, boiler pulverizing system or coal conveying system spontaneous combustion, high-temperature steam pipeline baking, chemical corrosion of acid and alkali, welding sparks and other kindling, can make cable fire.

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