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The emergence of fire-resistant cables is popular
Jul 17, 2017

The most valuable thing in network transmission is information, not network equipment, to ensure the safety of the data, people want to have enough time after the fire to return all the data before the entire network is paralyzed, and transfer them to a safe place, minimizing the likelihood of data loss. So many see business opportunities manufacturers have developed a fire protection cable.
The information and control of fire-proof cable are laid in the same shaft, under the shielding of copper sheath, it will not disturb the information transmitted by the signal and the control wire and cable. Fire-proof cable can supply normal power in flames, start fire extinguishing equipment, reduce fire losses, personal safety is also particularly reliable, its copper sheath is a good conductor, is the best grounding PE line, and continuous to the length of the cable, greatly improving the sensitivity and reliability of grounding protection; The transportation and installation of the product, including installation fittings, is simpler than that of ordinary cables. Mainly used in various types of building fire equipment, fire elevators, important buildings or personnel-intensive building equipment and lighting system power.

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