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Power cable selection to seize 5 steps
Jul 17, 2017

Power cable selection to grasp the following 5 major steps:
1, to see. See if there is a certificate of quality system certification; see if there is no factory name, site, inspection chapter, production date; see whether the wire is printed with trademarks, specifications, voltage and so on. Also want to see the wire copper core of the cross section, excellent red copper color bright, soft color, otherwise is defective.
2, to try. It is preferable to have a wire head repeatedly bent with hands, generally soft, anti-fatigue strength, plastic or rubber feel elastic, and wire insulation is no cracks in the excellent product.
3, weigh. Good quality wires are generally within the specified weight range. such as the commonly used cross-sectional area is 1.5MM2 Plastic insulated single strand copper core wire, each 100m weight is 1.8~1.9kg; 2.5MM2 Plastic insulated single copper core line, each 100m weight of 3~3.4.0MM2 Plastic insulated single strand copper core line, each 100m weight of 4.4~4.6kg, etc. Poor quality of the wire is insufficient, either length is not enough, or wire copper core impurities too much.
4, than the price. Because of the low production cost of fake and shoddy wires, traders in sales, often to cheap for the pretence of low-cost sales, people fooled.
5. Look at the copper quality. Qualified copper core wire copper core should be purple red, shiny, soft feel. and shoddy copper core line copper core for purple black, yellow or white, impurities, mechanical strength is poor, toughness is not good, a little force will break, and the wire is often disconnected phenomenon. Check, you only have to peel the wire a 2cm, and then with a piece of white paper in the copper core rub a little, if there is black material on the white, the copper core impurities more.

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