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Lightning Pk Type C ------- King's contention
Sep 12, 2017

Nowadays, the mainstream data line of consumer market should be lightning wire and USB TUSB Type C wire, which occupies half of the consumer wire market, and today we review their development history together.



Apple's lightning interface was released on September 12, 2012, same time with the iphone 5, which also meant that Apple used the 9-year-old 30-pin dock interface to be officially replaced, though lightning has been around for nearly 5 years today, Many of the parameters have been behind the type-c, single from the user more concerned about the ability to charge, the Lightning data line itself is actually USB2. The design of 0+2a, that is, with the common USB data line difference is not big, the iphone has not supported fast charge, and lightning interface and wire specifications also have a certain relationship.



Type-c's birth is not very long, at the end of 2013 type-c connectors of the rendering diagram came out, 2014 USB3.1 standard is already done, 2015 began to become increasingly popular. It is a new type of USB cable and connectors specifications, is a complete set of new USB physical specifications, Google, Apple, Microsoft and so on are vigorously promoted.




A norm from birth to development to maturity is far from a day of work, especially consumer products market, today we want to share the USB3.1 C Type series is the same, USB 3.1 is the latest USB specification, launched by large companies such as Intel, compared to the existing USB technology, New USB technology uses a more efficient data coding system, and provide more than a valid data throughput rate (USB if association), it is fully compatible with existing USB connectors with cables, USB3.1 compatibility with existing USB3.0 software stacks and device protocols, 5Gbps hubs and devices, USB2.0 products, USB 3.1 type-c shows the advent of the mobile internet era in which more and more devices-computers, cellphones, tablets, televisions, e-book readers and even automobiles-can be accessed in different ways, Thus the data Distribution center status of the computer formerly symbolized by the Type-a interface is gradually dispelled.



Theoretically, the maximum data transmission speed of type-c can reach ten gbit/seconds, the maximum output voltage is 20 volts, can shorten the charging time, and usb-a type, so far the limit transmission rate is 5Gbps, the output voltage is 5 Volts While a standard cable with TYPE-C connectors is available with a current of 5 A and supports a "USB PD" exceeding the existing USB power supply, it can provide maximum 100W of power. In addition to the above several improvements, TYPE-C also integrates DP, HDMI, VGA interface, users need only a single type-c line can be connected to the external monitor and video output  so that reduce the trouble of needs  different wire in the past.

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