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How to make RJ45 Network Cable change to a VGA Cable
Jan 30, 2018

How to  make  RJ45 Network Cable  change to  a VGA Cable

We have to know the definition of each vga PIN :

1PIN ——Red——Analog signal "red"

2PIN ——Green——Analog signal "green"

3PIN ——Blue——Analog signal "blue"

4PIN ——ID Bit

5PIN ——N/C

6PIN ——R.GND—— The "red" ground of the analog signal 

7PIN ——G.GND——The "green" ground of the analog signal

8PIN ——B.GND —— "Blue" ground for the analog signal

9PIN ——No.Pin 、 (Alternate)

10PIN——GND ——Ground terminal of digital signal

11PIN——ID Bit——screen or host control or address code

12PIN——ID Bit —— Control or address code between the screen and the host (for multiple displays per host)

13PIN——H Sync——Digital horizontal line signal

14PIN——V Sync ——Vertical line signal of the number

15PIN——N/C——Ground terminal

First of all, you need to peel the cable jacket,when 8 cores are finished, then peel off  1cm insulated batches  . The next is the welding,  make the connection according to the following image.

RJ45 做成VGA 线.webp.jpg

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