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How to find the broken core of wire and cable
Jul 17, 2017

The core of the cable is an important part of the cable, we pass the cable core to transmit information, if the cable broken core, will bring a lot of trouble and danger, if the cable broken core How we check, someone may say to take a multimeter, but if it is a big project, can not also use a multimeter? So how do we find it, don't worry, welding machine cable company to introduce three methods.

One: The method of ohmic capacitance
Some cable factories in this regard the practice is usually using the capacitance comparison method to find the approximate location of the disconnection. The efficiency of this method is very low by using continuous power to correct the disconnection point of the cable. Generally find a break point to be about 1.5 hours. This method for shielding, armored, sheath process has completed the flame-retardant cable, it is almost impossible to find broken core, artificial bad words will also make the flame-retardant cable scrap. This method is now largely unused.

Two: The combination of capacitance and inductive method:
This method is used to make the core of the core, which requires that the cable core is not covered with metal layer and there is no squeeze coating. In the search time to find out the approximate location of cable disconnection, and then use the induction voltage method to find the exact break point, this method is very simple and fast, but also the most used one method. The inductive voltage method is a 650V AC voltage at one end of the cable's broken core. The other end and the other core, and then with a light signal of the sensor pen to test, when the test when the sensor pen from the broken core, the signal will change, so that you can accurately find the cable break point.

Three: The combination of constant current source and bridge method
This method is used to complete the cable or cladding the metal layer of the cable core. Use is to find the method is to use the constant current source of flame-retardant cable core insulation burned, breakdown, and then in the electric bridge method fault locator accurate positioning fault points, is also a frequent use of a method.

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