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How to Connect TV to Wireless Network
Dec 07, 2018

Connect your TV to a wireless network to enjoy the Internet on your TV. Home wireless networks are popular for connecting laptops to the Internet, but can also be used to connect select HD, LED and LCD televisions that have are wireless compatible. To connect your TV to a home network, verify that your wireless router is working, insert a USB wireless adapter and program your TV's network settings.

Step 1

Connect the wireless router to the Ethernet wall jack using the Ethernet cable. The wireless router provides the wireless signal for your home network.

Step 2

Insert a wireless LAN or Linkstick USB device into the TV's USB port. The LinkStick is capable of receiving the wireless signal sent by the router.

Step 3

Turn the TV on. Using the remote, select "Menu" and then "Setup."

Step 4

Select "Network" from the "Setup" menu options. From the "Network" menu, changing the "Network Type" to "Wireless."

Step 5

Select "Network Setting," then"Select a Network." Allow the TV a few minutes to detect all available wireless networks within range. Then select your network name from the list of all available networks.

Step 6

Enter your network password or wireless encryption key using the TV remote. Allow the TV a few minutes to connect to the network.

Step 7

Select "Return" to go back to the "Network" menu. Select "Test Network" to determine if the TV is properly receiving the wireless signal from the router.

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