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How to choose a right HDMI Cable for Smart TV
Jan 10, 2018

Do  you really know how to choose a right HDMI Cable for your Smart TV/ TV box?

Nowadays, Smart TVS in mainstream markets are equipped with a basic hdmi interface, which will inevitably involve HDMI cable,  and HDMI Cable is divided into multiple versions,the price is uneven,Cheaper cable in china market is 10 to 15 rmb package mail, expensive one even up to 100rmb for 1 meter. 

Today to share with you how to choose HDMI cable .

[Confirm HDMI cable version]

If you want to be aware of, it must be clear that the basic knowledge of HDMI cable. First, HDMI is divided into 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 / 1.4 / 2.0 version, the current market mainly to 1.3,1.4,2.0 based.


Most of the markets have a lot of 15-core version 1.3, which doesn't support 4K.   The 1.4 Version Hdmi Cable supports higher resolution, it's more conducive to home HDTV, and supports the latest 3D features. 2.0 version supports 2k 4k 60FPS bandwidth up to 18G ,compared with the 1.4 version, the difference is not only the FPS higher, but also supports CEC to expand the dual screen display, supporting multi-audio stream and reaching 32 channels.

[Note the type of HDMI interface]



(Confirm the size of the interface, microHDMI width of about 6 mm; standard interface for HDMI (Type A), the width of about 14.4 mm; MiniHDMI, width of 10.5 mm)

[How to choose HDMI cable]

1. First of all, the thickness of the wire, It is recommended to buy a moderate thickness.  Because if  the wires are too thin,wrapped shield and the internal raw material  use of the core must "shrunk" . Video and audio signals are disturbed during transmission, and the final image quality is affected.


2.Simple and crude said "thick" "thin" is not the only standard of purchase, the key to the product grade is actually the  material in details.

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[Interface] Choose the HDMI cable with the gold-pated interface, and everyone can recognize the color of the interface.  Currently, the high quality data cable interfaces on the market are all gold-plated, and HDMI cable is no exception.The Gold-plated interface can effectively reduce signal interference, thus  to get maximum connectivity and great speed of transfers. Ensures a consistent and complete connection at all time.


[Material]Choose an hdmi cable with copper core, which can judge the flexibility of line.  If the wire is hard and difficult to bend ,then it's not entirely made of copper core. The copper core supports long-distance signal transmission, and there is no problem of signal attenuation.

contact:Ada Zhang

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