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HDMI Splitter
Jan 15, 2018

The HDMI series splitter is a multi-port output HDMI splitter. Input HDMI signal can be assigned to multiple consistent, synchronized HDMI signal output. And it has signal buffering and amplification capabilities. Therefore, for input HDMI signals, long distance transmission (extension) of more than 15 meters can be achieved by cascading multiple splitters. Users can also increase the number of splitters by stacking multiple splitters The number of HDMI output ports.

HDMI series splitter is mainly used in HDTV, digital set-top box, DVD, projector test, retail, display; data center control; information distribution; conference room presentation; teaching environment and training places such as noise, transmission distance and security restrictions Required area.


1. using standard rack design, installation more convenient;

2. with signal buffering, amplification capability;

3.can be achieved by cascading over 15 meters long-distance transmission (expansion);

4.can be stacked to increase the number of HDMI output ports;

5.can simultaneously display support 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p resolution; HDCP equipment, support for high-definition video, high quality, clear, up to 1080p HDTV resolution;

7.fully support HDMI1.3 protocol.


 First, use the HDMI signal through a standard HDMI cable to the HDMI splitter INPUT, HDMI splitter has two or four or more HDMI output port, which can be connected to the local display, the other Can be connected to a remote display device, and by adjusting the brightness and contrast of the HDMI splitter, then the image resolution of the remote display device can be adjusted to the same effect as the local one.

Specific steps are as follows:

1.through the HDMI cable, the switch input port and HDMI signal source connected;

2.through the HDMI cable, the switch output port and HDMI display device connected;

3.the 5V power supply and 4x1 HDMI connection;

4.the use of infrared remote control switch to the four-way signal source to switch freely; can also use the RS-232 control system to the four signal sources for free switching.

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