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Discussion on the causes of cable fever and the consequences of not dealing with it in time
Jul 17, 2017

Our wire is a certain resistance, as long as there is current flow, it will generate heat, fever is normal, the general cable normal working temperature is 65 degrees, but if the cable is not the normal heating phenomenon to find out the cause and troubleshooting, or the cable will lead to insulation thermal breakdown, resulting in a cable short-circuit tripping phenomenon, serious may cause fire, so we should pay attention to its cause and solve the fever.

1, the cable conductor resistance does not meet the requirements, resulting in the operation of the cable heating phenomenon.
2, improper selection of cable, resulting in the use of cable conductor cross-section is too small, the operation of the overload phenomenon, long after use, the cable heating and heat imbalance caused by heating phenomenon.
3, the cable installation is too dense, ventilation cooling effect is not good, or cable near other heat sources too close, affecting the normal cooling of the cable, but also may cause the cable in operation to generate heat phenomenon.
4, the joint manufacturing technology is not good, the pressure is not close, resulting in contact resistance is too large, will also cause the cable to generate heat phenomenon.
5, cable insulation performance is not good, resulting in small insulation resistance, the operation will also produce heating phenomenon.
6, armored cable local sheath breakage, after the water to the insulation performance caused by slow damage, resulting in insulation resistance gradually reduced, will also cause the cable operation to generate heating phenomenon.

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