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Cable to underground, the advantages of a lot of
Jul 17, 2017

With the development of the times, some things light to show on the ground is enough, sometimes it will affect the appearance of the beautiful, so we began to rely on the underground, traffic we have a subway underground, there are underground drainage, but also the inspection, we have a lot of cable is also placed in the underground.

Advantages of cable placement in the ground:
1, can enhance the reliability of urban power network
The exposed metal wire of the city is easily corroded by the acid, alkali gas and water vapor in the atmosphere, which makes the overhead line more dangerous. Therefore, the use of overhead line in the city is very necessary, and particularly important, underground cable is fully able to bring power to the city reliability, higher security.
2, can enhance the transmission capacity of the city line
The overhead line usually has a direction of up to two towers and only 2 to 4 loops of overhead transmission lines. and buried underground cable line, can reach 20 back road. In addition, the underground ultra-high voltage cable generally has a higher efficiency of copper conductor, so that it can efficiently transfer power to the end user, greatly reducing the loss of power transmission.
3, can eradicate visual pollution, beautify the urban environment
Large, cobweb-covered urban overhead lines, to a great extent, destroyed the cityscape, destroyed the traditional and modern building façade, resulting in serious visual pollution. Overhead line into the ground, you can also city road space in a pure, absolutely let people visually produce a comfortable aesthetic feeling, but also make the city can be pleasing to soak in the beautiful.
4, can improve the use of urban land value
Land is a resource with high value but scarce especially in the central area of modern metropolis, because the space safety distance of overhead line is higher than that of underground pipelines, the use of adjacent land is more limited, thus greatly reducing the value of land use, and instead of underground cable line, can improve the value of land use.

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