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Buy HDMI to VGA cable useful?
Dec 14, 2017


HDMI to VGA Cable Convertor 

How to figure out the difference function from hdmi port and vga port when you using hdmi to vga cable convertor ?

HD refers to a video resolution. HDMI & VGA are the signal transmission method.

HDMI support HD, VGA also support.

HDMI digital signal transmission and

VGA analog signal transmission difference, mainly transmitted

Differences caused by different procedures. HDMI uses TMDS Technology Transmit Signal 

(TMDS Is to minimize the differential transmission technology), VGA uses analog, unbalanced transmission technology.

From the existing resolution point of view, VGA Can support much higher resolution than HD. VGA video technology is that it uses analog component transmission, the video signal is decomposed into three primary colors of R, G, B and HV field signal, VGA is the video interface standard,

Is the longest use of the IT industry's video transmission.

It supports various points from 640 * 480 up to 2560 * 1600



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